Alberto Mancini Biography

Alberto Mancini, a 52 year-old Italian painter from the mountain village of Atina, has been exhibiting throughout Italy and in the United States since 1975. His command of color and composition earned him early acclaim from critics and audiences as well as awards including the prestigious Italian Golden Lion Award.

Mancini’s eloquent, abstract paintings are inspired by what he describes as “nature, and the nature of things.” He says, “In my paintings, I try to activate the need for stillness, through a slow discovery of the layers of colors, lights and forms; a slow acquisition of the equilibrium. Through this mode of perceiving, my hope is to raise the attitude of listening to the world around us.”

Mancini’s unusual approach to creating depth on the canvas allows the viewer to enter the painting on their own deeply personal terms. His paintings are also evocative of the mysterious world of spirit. Mancini, who earned his doctorate in architecture with highest honors from the University of Venice, expresses the profound influence of the natural world through thematic explorations that result in discrete series of paintings. In 1992, after a two-year hiatus from painting, while recovering from a brain hemorrhage that put him in a coma for two months and left him partially paralyzed for two years, Mancini began painting again. His new work, a series of thirty-five abstract paintings inspired by ponds and skies, was filled with layered color and light, described by critics as dream, following hidden, painful, sometimes obsessive pathways.

In 2005 Mancini undertook a project to create a body of work based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson. His fascination with her poems lay in what he saw as her desire or need to see transcendence in acts of daily domesticity as well as the bloom of a flower or the wings of a butterfly. Mancini, who has been described as a master of modulated light, reveals through these paintings how shadowed our experience of the world is. His use of muted, though illuminated color, entices the viewer emotionally and once captive, the painter thrills us with revelations about the very nature of things. His most recent show, co-sponsored by the Ringling School of Art and Design, was an exhibition of the Emily Dickinson Suite.

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